Composite Processes

Majority of our R&D studies are focused on Composite process integrations and related engineering activities. We are working on global targets like light weight solutions and enviromentally sustainable material use.

Number of Process Alternatives Applied
x 500 mm
Max. Part Size

Composite Sheet Consolidation Line

Using this process we are able to blend different layers of materials including polymer films, fibers, knit fabrics etc.. Which creates a single sheet ready to be used for further processing.

Composite Forming Press

These presses are integrated with rapid heating and cooling units for forming of composite sheets. Ths enable to achieve A-Class surface condition while forming an A-surface. This shell could be used withe further process method to achieve a final product.

Composite Trimming

In case Trimming of a composite structure is necessary and even this trim surface requires an A-Class surface finish we have solutions for perfect trimming like 5-axis robotic system integrated ultrasonic blade, laser cutting processes.