Exterior Trim Components

The majority of our product range is exterior trim plastics. These are also the product commodity that we have developed our design capabilities in terms of product, production cells and tooling. Some of the compoenents we produce are also painted body color in customer production line.

Number of Projects
Production Parts/Year

Body Side Mouldings

These parts are protective components all around  the vehicle for stone chipping and small clash occasions. They are usually fixed to vehicle with pushpin and edge clips. We have production cells integrated with 5-axis robotic units completing the full assembly automated.

Front Grills

This is a component with  main function of letting air flow to radiator area for cooling however the geometry is highly visual trademark for the OEM. You can see a big sized Front Grill we have produced for F-Max Ford Cargo Truck.

Decorative Pillar Trims

Exterior decorative component solutions are developing to offer high volume production capable solutions as they more and more widely used for high volume passenger vehicles. We are using composite production solutions integrated with thermoplastic production to achieve high quality components suitable for high volume production.