Plastic Injection Processes

Our core business is focused on plastic injection process between 350 tonnes up to 1600 tonnes however we integrate various pre-processes and post processes to achieve final product.

Number of Machines
Max. Clamping Force
Capacity per year

Injection Molding Up to 1600 Tonnes

We have 22 Injection Machines up to 1600 tonnes.

We are able to produce parts size like rear step bumper, Wheel Housing, Front Grill, Body Side Moldings, Door Panels etc..

2K Injection Processes

We are capable of producing 2K parts with different technologies like; transfer 2K, rotating plate 2K, Spin Core 2K methods chosen as per geometry.

Using Spin Core 2K method we are able to produce large in size components like radiator ducts with smaller size (clamping force) machines.

We are producing A-Class Surface 2K parts with rotational 2K and transfer methods.

In-Mould decoration with Clean Room

We are producing parts with different decorative surfaces as in mould decoration production line

These processes quality is sensitive for working condition particules so clean room conditions are created to achieve flawless production result

Insert Molding

Our Injection systems are equipped with Sepro robotic systems which we can automate tool insert applications as necessary.

We can use metal parts like pipes, rods, brakets, nuts, screws, limiters etc.. as inserts while there are applications that could use various different materials as insert like filtering nets, fabrics etc..

Chemical Foaming

Our injection sytems supports decompression after injection which maximize the benefit of chemical foaming processes.

We have trademark developement (patent pending: Plas-foam) in this process to achieve better A-surface condition with added counter cavity pressure controls.

Integrated Pre & Post Process

Our Injection Sepro robotic systems  are integrated with pre & post processing equipments which forms a manufacturing cell.

We can integrate various process units to support the requirement for versality, complexity and low cost. Some of these are processes like different types of weldings, surface treatments, testings and assemblies.