Logistics Management

We are working with our customers on a milkrun principle which requires daily multiple deliveries as per requirement. We are keeping a buffer stock for any possible customer requirement fluctuation to give instant support. Digitally integrated systems manages requirements of material and production triggering purchase/production orders to achieve a well balanced stock level.

Warehouse Closed Area
Number of Trailers/Year

Communication EDI

We are using various methods of communication between our customers and suppliers. We have digital and integrated communication solutions, supplier portals for different requirements which can also integrate with Customer communication solutions in VDA standards.

Identification & Integration

We are controlling all movements of materials within our plant with Barcoding integrated to our main stream management environment. Handheld units enable unlimited improvement areas with the integrated support of barcoding.


We have contracts with different packaging management systems like Chep, Gefco, Volvo systems. We are using returnable packaging with our customers based on their requirements. Packaging development is an important activity for the quality of the product so we have a team to support this design and validate activity.


We have contracted with global transporters which understands the requirements of automotive deliveries, customer requirements and importance of on-time delivery. We are taking responsibility of transportation to the Customer plant as where requested some of our contracts are delivered inco-terms. Our parts are delivered globally areas like Europe, North America, Brazil, Russia, China.