Production Equipment Manufacturing

Since the beginning of the business our company has the capablility of manufaturing its own required molding systems. We have been developing our tool making cababilities inline with our final product production capability. We believe this keeping and developing this expertise is a competative capability for us.

Number of CNC Machines
x 2.000 mm
Max. Tool Size
Capacity per year

CNC Machining Center

We have 5 CNC machining center which supports our new program tooling requirements. WE are managing the capacity of our tool shop base on sustainable , continues work load. In times of high demand of new tooling for programs we are also using a supply base of local & Global tool makers which is controlled by our engineerign team.

5 axis CNC Machines

We are using 5-Axis CNC machines which increases the precision of our toolign elements.


It is for certain that the final EDM processes has a very strong effect on the quality of tool and the final product. We are using high precision EDM machines to get the best result which result minimum level of expert had work is necessary.