Underhood Components

These are the product group that is not directly visible to end user so the mechanical chracteristics of these components are key element for designing these parts. One of the areas of development mainly in these product group is weight reduction. Using different engineered grades of plastic materials of composite solutions as metal replacement is key to reduce vehicle weight.

Number of Projects
Production Parts/Year

Air Deflectors

Air Deflectors are mainly located near to the front end of the vehicle to use airflow from front during drive and use the flow to cool areas where required. Design is more efficient as much as the parts achieves more air tight sealing. To achieve this 2K designed components are mainly used.

Protection Shields

These are the parts acts like shield elements for stone chipping around wheels. Some of these component requires features to supress water spray during drive.

Motor Covers

We are using suitable high temperature durable plastic grades which could be used in engine compartment. The main specification of these parts are durability in high temperature and chemical resistance properties.